Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do Kids Get It?

How many books have been written for the adult audience about the stock market crash, the banking heist of  the 2000's, and the mortgage crisis?  To name a few, (and only a few of the 116): The Great Contraction, The Sub-prime Solution, The Case For Big Government, and Reckless Endangerment. The American adult population gets it, even if we don't like it.  But, what about the typical American kid?  How much do they understand?  The history of events leading up to these misfortunes are not necessarily the focus, but the character flaws are, and that is what our young people should understand.

Greed got us here!  Plain and simple, don't have, wanna get...  Just because we believe history repeats itself does that mean it has to?  For some of us, our parents survived the Depression, leaving a mark on us.  Present day parents will survive the mortgage crisis, but in doing so, a mark will be left on their children.  Let's not sweep it under the rug.  Our kids deserve to know that the reason mom and dad lost their homes was not because the banks made unwise loans, it was because greed was allowed to overshadow good judgement.

Oli's Uncommon Cents takes greed to task. What if money could talk?  What would it hear, and for that matter, what would it say? Here is a great book that cracks open the door to greed and helps children take a peek in. In this fantasy fiction money does talk, and contrary to some belief, it thinks more clearly than the humans who carry it around.

Let's help our young people make a different mistake, because they will.  We need to be responsible stewards of our mistakes and allow our kids to know the truth, ugly as it may be. Why not let them meet greed, face to face.

Oli's Uncommon Cents

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