Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Blog Tour and May FREE-BEE Month

Join me on the, Oli Book Blog Tour!

Here is our schedule:
April 20th  Living Better One Day At A Time
April 26th  JenheadJen
April 30th  Home Maid Simple
May 1st     One Desert Rose
May 7th     Mumwrites
May 8th     Jagged Edge Reviews
May 9th     kid-lit-reviews
May 11th   My Author Interview kid-lit-reviews

The month of May will be FREE-BEE month.  Each week I will give away something that you AND your kiddos will enjoy.  
Contest Rules:
Every comment posted on my blog earns you a ticket in the drawing, you comment 10 times, you earn 10 tickets, it's that simple.  At 3:00 every Friday I will draw the winner and post your name on my blog.
Here are the FREE-BEES:
Week 1 $20.00 Gift Certificate to Pizza Hut and a free book, Oli's Uncommon Cents!
Week 2 $20.00 Gift Certificate to and a free book, Oli's Uncommon Cents!
Week 3 $20.00 Gift Certificate to Toys R Us and a free book, Oli's Uncommon Cents!
Week 4 $20.00 Gift Certificate to Dairy Queen and a free book, Oli's Uncommon Cents!


  1. Awesome!!! Does it start in May, or right now? ;) And are book reviewers eligible? j/k :)

  2. You betcha, it applies to reviewers also!! Definitely throw your hat in there :-)

  3. read the review on Jens blog. Looks like a great book to read to my kids before bed. thanks for sharing Jen


  4. I am also a referral from Jens blog. Sounds like a book me and my girls can read!

  5. I'm also here from Jen's blog. Your book sounds like something fun my kids would like to read.

    Debbie: rebbiedeed(at)

  6. hi Debbie, i just received my copy of the Oli's Uncommon Cents that I won from Mumwrite's giveaway! :D i will post a review on this on my blog too to spread the love! :D
    so excited to learn that this is just the first book!